American Sculptor of Dance: Sterett-Gittings Kelsey
"What Degas Might Have Done" is an in-depth comparative treatise on the Kelsey Bronzes by leading Fine Art Appraiser & Fine Art Historian: Peter Hastings Falk. See CRITIQUES: From Edgar Degas to Sterett-Gittings Kelsey..... It has taken several generations to produce a New Master of Movement. Choreographically correct and brilliantly executed in bronze, Kelsey has captured forever the complex movements of Classical Ballet, Modern Dance and Classic Jazz.. These museum quality, masterworks in bronze, are the finest in the world today.

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  'To imbue each figure with an independent spirit, implied movements and an imagined soul is the challenge. It is this essence of dance captured in bronze, that gives a work of art intergenerational life. It is what sculpture is all about.. I believe that sculpture in the hands of a Master, should speak directly to the soul of man, as do the most moving works of Shakespeare or the most tender notes of Mozart."  Sterett-Gittings  Kelsey



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